What will happen if parents limit kids watch movies online activities?

If parents succeed in limiting children watching television, this will happen:

  1. Children are more active in moving

By limiting children from watching television, children will look for other activities that make their bodies’ move, such as playing kites, cycling or playing war with their siblings, siblings or friends. Certainly more exciting and the body moves healthier.

  1. Children become healthier

Children who are a lot of movement and activity are certainly healthier than children who just stay silent while watching television. Fresh eyes see a green view, the body is fit because it moves a lot.

  1. Learning concentration increases

By limiting children watching television, making children’s minds more focused on lessons in school, not interrupted by continuous television shows that make them curious to watch continuously.

  1. Controlled behavior

The behavior of children who are limited to watching television will be better controlled than children who are left free to watch. This is because children who are limited to watching television are no longer affected to imitate the behavior of television programs that are not good.

Every parent would want their children to grow and develop well without any bad things that affect their child’s growth and development. Including the consequences of watching television. Television is expected to be a means to convey positive information and entertainment, especially for children. Therefore, parents need to limit their children from watching television, so that the time available can be used as well as possible for child development.

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