Tutorial How to Wash Black Leather Jackets

How to wash a second leather jacket such as do not use hot water. Use cold water, if you want to use warm water try the same with the room temperature or lukewarm. Elastic skin material can expand or change shape quickly when exposed to heat. As a result, the leather jacket can shrink and wrinkle, thus damaging the material.

The Correct Ways to Wash Jacket

Do not forget to use a liquid detergent that can remove any stains. Then, dry clothes in a place that is protected from sunlight, do not dry in direct sunlight so that the jacket does not become stiff. If necessary, pat dry towels to reduce the water content on the jacket.

Tips to care for leather jacket so as not to be easily damaged when washed in a washing machine is to use a laundry bag to wrap the leather jacket so it is not easy to roll when using a washing machine.

That’s how to care for the right leather jacket so that the leather jacket is not easily damaged. Washing the right leather jacket can keep the jacket clean and fresh throughout the day. You will always be comfortable wearing your mother’s favorite leather jacket.

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