Tips for Providing Bird Cage

Consider setting the appropriate cage if you intend to treat more than one bird. Some birds will be able to share the cage, while some other types will fight; of course, the “cage trauma” is common and may depend on several issues such as personality, body size, gender, and species. You may include two males and two females or one male and one female in the same cage, depending on the species birds that you keep. If the birds start fighting, you have to separate them. Do a lot of research before doing so and ask a lot of questions on the breeding place or the bird seller; you can even contact the bird nurse at the local zoo or in the wildlife reserve to ask for his advice.

How to Provide Cage for Birds?

Buy the right cage as the bird’s home. Cages needed may vary depending on the type of bird you care for; so you must be guided by the knowledge of the bird species you choose. Below are the standard requirements of a cage:

The size of the cage should be large enough for the bird to spread its wings from side to side. For some bird species, being able to fly short distances within the cage is the most important part of ensuring that the cage is a healthy place. Large birds should only be inserted into cages one and a half times larger than their wingspan (depth, width, and height).

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