Things you need to know about Air Knives

Air Knife Have High-intensity airflow

The air knifes create a laminar flow across the length of the object. It is a stable and standardized air layer that does not mix with other layers. This system includes a low pressure blower nozzle. Blower pressure depends on the application. But it is usually less than 15 pounds per square inch, providing a large amount of air. Nozzle provides long air diffusion, wide section. These are usually aluminum, steel or plastic.

The air knife is considered a practical solution in the manufacturing process. Conveyors are used for cleaning, cooling and drying internet components. This configuration produces airflow at a constant rate. That is, the laminar flow is an irregular flow of gas with other air layers. In industry, there are two types of air knifes: circular and straight. These are steel, plastic, aluminum.

Air Knife for Environmental activities

This system provides air filters for various manufacturing processes using pressurized gas. The cleaning air knife is superior to conventional cleaning materials. Because these tools can be removed from undesirable debris or particles from the product, the manufacturer does not have to worry about actual contacts and holiday alerts and smooth surface strokes. Equally important is the function of the device to cool.

Air Knife has Stability coefficient

The air knifes require a certain degree of stability from the antifouling air cap that can be used primarily in the manufacture of the product. Using this system is more cost effective than normal technology. Food processing plant; Wood and metal industries, automobiles, medicines It has various functions to make industrial related products such as paper and packaging, etc. With this extraordinary innovation, business is expected to be brighter in public companies and this situation will continue in the future. Treatment is not difficult. This device is useful because it reduces the amount of compressed air and the amount of noise used.