Most people cannot avoid the need for credit

Most people cannot avoid the need for credit
Most people cannot avoid the need for credit

After all, most people cannot avoid the need for credit. When you buy a car or house when you rent an apartment, when you create a new utility account when using a cell phone or other, and it is time to conduct any of the day-to-day financial transactions. Healthy Credit File We can avoid expensive deals, and even worse, you can avoid denying apps.

Luckily, a small portion of your credit score depends on the use of a revolving credit product (credit card). Your credit score depends on the following:

  • The profile of person
  • No payment received.
  • Accountancy
  • New account / contact
  • Credit Union

In addition, other consumer credit rating systems use similar criteria to slightly different formulas developed by three credit bureaus.

Obviously, the most important element is to make a timely payment to all creditors, it is to maintain a low level of debt compared to the amount of credit available. (Called credit usage). Consumers who cannot or do not want to accept credit cards can get credit in other forms.

Create a credit without a credit card. You can take some steps towards a healthy credit card without having to use a credit card.

Please continue to pay for invoices. Loans for older students may feel like weaknesses around the neck. But the frequent dividends and accountancy is to increase the score. Since the account is in good standing for up to 10 years after completion of the payment, please do not miss the score or delay.

Since the credit score from of the latest version will ignore the collection of fees. (However, due to the outstanding collection score, it is seriously reduced.) This collection account is also available for payment.