Define the concept for Android Games

Take an approach that focuses on programming. Even though you have a programming background, you may want to use one of the above engines to create your first game, and you should not take a different, more difficult way. But, some people prefer to control all aspects of the game they make and want to make it from scratch. Ideally, so you can combine all aspects of your game neatly and clearly, you would prefer to create games in the Integrated Development Environment like Eclipse and not in a text editor.

While you can indeed make games with any programming language, C ++ is a great tool that has the many resources and tutorials you need to create games.

Define the concept for Android Games Cheat. For your first project, making simple games from the genre that likes is a pretty good starting point (eg, platformer or role-playing game). Before you start, record all the ideas you have about the game, and try to answer some of these questions:

What are the main components of the gameplay? Examples of these answers include defeating enemies, solving puzzles, or talking to other characters in the game.

What kind of gameplay do you want in your game? For example, you want your player to fight enemies in real-time that require fast moving in key or turn-based combinations that require strategy and tactics. Or if your game focuses on talking to other characters in the game, whether the player can change the plot or storyline if making different choices, or the plot is more linear so players have to make the right decisions.

How is your in-game mood? Is it Cheerful, spooky, mysterious, or inspiring?

Create a simple level. If you use game engine or game maker to create your game, try to be creative using the engine or tool. Learn how to put backgrounds, objects, and moving characters. In fact, you can try to make the characters in the game interact with existing objects, or try to explore the objects that have been provided in the tool or software that you use and see if there are interactions that can be done with the object.

If you do not know how to do something, find out on the website of the tool or engine or search elsewhere on the internet like forums. For the first project, do not worry too much about lighting or other graphical details.