Choice of Fidelity investments today is very much

Choice of Fidelity investments today is very much
Choice of Fidelity investments today is very much

Women’s lack of financial literacy should be followed by a thorough understanding of the underlying circumstances of why women are important to invest, including the following:

About Wrong Myth Women Income Less Than Men

Many women are acting as the main breadwinners. But apparently, a survey in America called a democratic country alone, the ratio of female earnings is lower than that of men.

Women’s income is 80 cents, which is 20 cents less than each dollar earned by male counterparts working in the same position, with the same qualifications.

Investing becomes one of the ways people choose to increase asset value. In other words, make more money without working hard. Today more and more people are beginning to move into the realm of investment.

For investment can be used as a tool to achieve financial goals for long-term planning. For example, investment is used to cover children’s education fund or pension fund later. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of wrong investment. Instead investments are done even financially harmful. And unfortunately, it happens unnoticed.

Keep in mind that investment is not the main choice of most of the middle class in big cities. Although the choice of Fidelity investments today is very much. Ranging from mutual funds, stocks, to bonds. And there are still many who save funds in the form of savings. In fact, the value of money in savings will fall due to eroded by inflation.