Bird food places and bird house must be washed regularly

Determine where to eat birds. The type of bird you choose will affect the type of bird that approaches. However, whatever type you choose to eat your bird must meet several main standards, that is, it must be difficult to reach by squirrels, must be able to keep the food in it dry, and must be easy enough to be cleaned. Bird food places must be washed regularly so that the food inside is not overgrown with fungi or a source of disease

Commonly used bird food places include:

– Food tray (tray feeder). The shape of the food is flat and quite simple, and is easily accessible by birds when eating. The drawback is that bird food is also easily accessible by squirrels and is also not protected from the influence of the weather.

– House feeder. In this type of food, the location of the food is sufficiently protected and will come out when the bird starts eating from the small tray located at the bottom.

-Place a bird in the window (window feeder). This place of food is paired in your window and equipped with food cups, so you can enjoy all the bird activities easily. This dining place will attract chickadee birds, sparrows, and some species of sparrow.

-Fat food place (suet feeder). This food place is made to accommodate fatty foods, which can attract woodpeckers, seed-eating birds and chickadee.

– Tubular food (tube feeder). Use this type of food to invite hummingbirds. This food place will remove sugar water through a tube.

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