How to Apply PointClickCare Platform Technology Solutions?

Well, senior care isn’t simply a work accompanying elderly all day long, giving them something to eat, or preparing a comfortable bed to sleep. There are more works to get done and more services to offer. Senior care organization work is now getting more complicated more than ever from planning, staffing, financing, and so on. This is the reason senior care providers need technology solutions that can ease their work, so they can give a better service.

Understanding the Core HER Platform

Here, PointClickCare platform technology solutions offer Core EHR platform. The platform provides a better platform for skilled nursing and senior living work. Core EHR platform is a cloud-based platform that improves skilled nursing daily works and let them stay connected with care network, including practitioners and pharmacies. Meanwhile, for the senior living works, the platform offers a single consistent record to store the data of each resident in one centralized place to give better care delivery.

The Core EHR platform has one critical component that cares delivery management. From now on, senior care providers can get an easier work because the platform will manage from basic assessments, care plans, medication, to stay connected with the practitioners via mobile apps. In the end, the technology allows the senior care work won’t be complicated anymore.

How to Use Point Click Care Direct Messaging?